On the back of the book...

Just when Dave thought things couldn’t get any worse, the world proved him wrong. This is nothing like other coming-of-age stories you have read before. 

After moving to a “developed” country in the hopes of escaping from the memories of his encounter with a child molester, life threw even more shit at poor Dave, like racists, education scammers, druggies, homophobes, and religious freaks. Oh, and yes, even more pedophiles!

Despite all the challenges, an unexpected act of kindness gave Dave the courage to feel love again and somehow, the whole thing turned out to be the weirdest investment lesson ever.

- - -

Written as a series of letters addressed to a neighboring family, Dear People in the Yellow House is a raw, gritty, and heart-felt confession of past pain and hopes of future joy. In a tale that spans two continents, Dave graphically details the poor judgment, betrayal, and manipulation he faced at the hands of those who were supposed to care for him, as well as horrifying experiences with a justice system that has lost its own sense of purpose.

Through these brutally honest letters, Dave describes all that he has learned along the way: that being evil is a choice, and that you can avoid getting hurt by those who chose to be evil only through being diligent and prudently managing your risks and those of the people who matter to you the most. 

A must-read for families about to send their loved ones abroad and anyone with mini-adults they care about. Seriously, no one should have to endure these predicaments the way Dave did.


About Dave...

Dave isn't really his real name but the family in The Yellow House just called him that. Maybe his native name can be hard for English-speakers to pronounce.

He believes he has the best job in the world: he invests for a living and constantly travels around the world, meeting new people, eating delicious local cuisine, and gaining insight on exciting investment opportunities. When he’s not venturing into strange new lands, he likes to lie back on the world’s most comfortable sofa and read in his splendidly adorable studio apartment in the bustling, tropical metropolis of Bangkok. He occasionally writes and drags himself to the gym. Dear People in the Yellow House is his first book.


Other Info...

First Published in February 2017 by Qid Qeet Qit Ventures
ISBN-13 : 978-0-9987452-0-6
Website : www.davekardee.com, www.facebook.com/YellowHouseDave
Email : d.kardee@gmail.com
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Royal Advocates International Ltd.
Home Place Office Building 16th Floor, Unit 1602
Soi Sukhumvit 55, Bangkok 10110 Thailand