A review by Dylan Walller

I was able to meet Dave before he wrote this book and still keep in touch with him, so this was a very meaningful read for me. Highly advisable for pure/sensitive people that want to navigate certain elements of madness that can occur in life ( especially when travelling), and for those searching for solution oriented approaches to dealing with past struggles. A very personal/transparent narrative, which brings many issues to light that are likely not commonly known.

I liked how his investing philosophy was largely based on past experiences ( stricter due diligence), and how investing was connected to everything that happened to him in the past. I think this book brings more life to the philosophy that goes behind careful investing, and shows how having a prudent mindset can protect one from danger. A must read that will stick with you

A review by Kamolvisa Techapoonpol, MD

As a psychiatrist, putting myself in someone else's shoes has always been my routine. But this is more. It's like putting on his shoes plus his contact lenses so I could actually see and travel the world the way he did. Somehow, after reading this, I felt more connected to my patients than ever.

Thank you, Dave, for sharing. Your story is far beyond what I expected. THE BOOK IS A REAL PAGE-TURNER!

P.S. I personally think this should be a reading assignment for psychiatric residents.

Kamolvisa Techapoonpol, MD
Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Vajira Hospital